Exotic Animal Park
 Lost Creek 

Safari, LLC

Lost Creek 
Safari, LLC

We are a small walk through exotic park.

   Lost Creek Safari

1200 W. 80 

Stillwater, OK 


Please call for current hours.

Come see us Spring 2020!!!

 Welcome to Lost Creek Safari, LLC !

My name is Carla and the other half is Rusty. We are located between Tulsa and Oklahoma City in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The Home of Oklahoma State University & the Cowboys. 

We have a small USDA certified Exotic Animal park that has been opened six seasons now. Give us a call to make a Reservation and come meet all the animals up close! During the weekdays will give you a guided tour of all of our animals so you can learn a little bit about each and every one of them. You can also get in touch with us through our website, "Facebook" or email us at lcsafari@yahoo.com.

We raise Fallow deer and Sika deer. We also have a couple Reeves Muntjac deer which you don't see that often and are one of the smallest deer in the world. We have a couple African Crested Porcupines, a few Red Kangaroo with a brand new baby in the pouch! We also have a Dromedary camel named "Gilbert"that we bottle fed since he was three days old.  We have a water buffalo named "Buffy" that we bottle fed since she was a week old.

We also have  several different types of birds. We have some Bourke Parakeets, a couple Blue and Gold Macaws, several pheasants and our beautiful peafowl.  Every farm has to own a chicken, turkey and a few ducks and a very special goose. We also have a few of the largest birds in the world, an Emu and a few Ostriches. Come meet Erica. She is a gentle giant! We are opening an enclosure so you can go in and feed the parakeets in 2020!

We have a beautiful Grant zebra mare "Tatar" that we acquired from a nice man in Kansas. Thanks to the Smith family for such a sweet baby girl.

We have a Sphynx (hairless) cats named "Charlie"and a beautiful Serval named "Ruby". We also have two dogs, both which were adopted from our local shelter.  "Speedy" is a Italian greyhound and "Sugar" is a schnauzer. 

We have a few miniature Zebu cattle and a couple miniature donkeys. We also have a few  Patagonian cavies. These are neat little animals.

Some of my favorites are the Ring-tailed lemurs and the Black and white Ruffed lemurs which are critically endangered in the wild. The Cotton-top Tamarins are so tiny too, Sophie and Ringo.

We also have the largest troop of  black handed spider monkeys in the state of Oklahoma! Come and meet Cassandra, A.J. , Tommy, Kandace, Josie and Abbie. We also have a couple capuchins named Amigo and Nicki. They are so fun to watch.

We have several other animals to see also. Come out and feed the animals!

Hope you enjoy our pictures.

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