Exotic Animal Park
 Lost Creek 

Safari, LLC

Lost Creek 
Safari, LLC

We are a small walk through exotic park.

List of our animals

Aoudad sheep

Blackbuck antelope

Reeves Muntjac deer

Fallow Deer

Sika Deer

Dromedary camel

Grant Zebra

Patagonian Cavies

African Serval 

African Crested porcupines

Red Kangaroo

Flemish Giant rabbits

Ring-tailed lemurs

Cotton Top tamarin

Black cap Capuchin

Weeper Capuchin 

Spider monkeys

Miniature Zebu cattle

Water buffalo 

Spotted miniature donkey

Pygmy goats

Fennec fox 

Silver fox

Sulcata Tortoises




Yellow golden pheasant

Lady Amherst pheasant

Silver pheasant

Black winged bronze turkey

Blue and Gold Macaw

Bourke parakeets

Diamond doves 

Buff & Chinese geese


Morelet's crocodilian


redtail boa

ball python



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