Exotic Animal Park
 Lost Creek 

Safari, LLC

Lost Creek 
Safari, LLC

We are a small walk through exotic park.


Q. How many people do I have to have to book a guided tour? 

A. We book several small groups together to make a big group of around 30-40 people. For example if you have two and someone else has five and so on and so forth until we have a larger group. 

Q. Do we charge for small children? 

A. Age 1-15 years admission is $5. 

Q.When are we open/hours of operation?

A. We are by RESERVATION ONLY on the weekdays!  We do a "Come N Go" (No reservation days) on the weekends. During the spring and fall we are open 11-5 on Saturday and Sunday and during the summer (JULY, AUGUST & SEPTEMBER)we are open 9-1:00 on Saturday and 5-8:00 on Sunday. 

If you have questions about our hours please call us prior to arriving. 405-707-0403

Q. Do we allow pets?

A. NO, please leave your pets at home. Registered service animals are Okay. 

Emotional support animals are NOT allowed. Please contact us if you have questions.