Exotic Animal Park
 Lost Creek 

Safari, LLC

Lost Creek 
Safari, LLC

We are a small walk through exotic park.


Q. How many people do I have to have to book a guided tour? 

A. We book several small groups together to make a big group of around 30-40 people. For example if you have two and someone else has five and so on and so forth until we have a larger group. 

Q. Do we charge for small children? 

A. If the children are old enough to participate for example feed the animals we do charge.

Q.When are we open/hours of operation?

A. We are by RESERVATION ONLY!  We do a "Come N Go" (No reservation day) on the  FIRST TWO weekends of the month. During the spring and fall we are open 11-5 on Saturday and Sunday and during the summer (JULY, AUGUST & SEPTEMBER)we are open 9-1:00 on Saturday and 5-8:00 on Sunday. This is for the FIRST TWO WEEKENDS ONLY.   

ALL of the remaining days we do tours at 11 &  6:00  BY RESERVATION ONLY!!! 

If you have questions about our hours please call us prior to arriving. 405-707-0403

Q. Do we allow pets?

A. NO, please leave your pets at home.